It is a myth that lash extensions ruin your natural lashes; so long as you look after them properly. Your lashes go through an 8 week cycle where each lash falls out and a new one grows in it place, you may notice each lash falling out with extensions but this is only because individual extensions are much larger than your natural lashes and are more noticeable. Follow these before and aftercare words of wisdom to keep your eyes looking lashcious!


NO EYE MAKE UP! Be sure arrive to your lash appointment wearing no Eye-Make up, or alternatively arrive at least 10 minutes earlier to remove it. You may lose some of your allocated treatment time should you arrive wearing make up as we have to make sure it is all removed properly before your treatment can begin We recommend to avoid wearing eye make up for the entire day that you have your lash appointment, the less oil you have on your lashes tends to mean the longer your lashes stay on for as the glue can set smoother and your lashes will look fresher! TINTING If you have fair/blonde lashes we recommended tinting them in advance, the individual lash extensions we apply are black, therefore if your lashes underneath are lighter they may be noticeable against the extensions. You can book a lash tint online with us at PATCH TEST If you have never had lash extensions before please contact us to arrange a patch test to take place at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you do not organise to have a patch test prior to booking the appointment, we are not liable for having to cancel your appointment inside our 48 hour cancellation policy should you react, you will lose the value of your booking. Please see ‘Spa Policy’ for full terms and conditions. LVL LASHES/LASH LIFT If you have had this treatment applied to your lashes within the last 4 weeks please refrain from having lash extensions applied. The curl from the lash perm makes it more difficult for the lashes to be applied and they may sit unevenly on your lash line.


FOR THE FIRST 24 HOURS…. The first 24 hours after your appointment are the most crucial in terms of aftercare, the glue needs this time to set properly in order for your lashes to last. No water, heat, steam or eye make up for 24 hours after. Avoid getting your lashes wet at all costs- this includes being a gym bunny and getting sweaty during your workout! AVOID WEARING EYE MAKE UP We understand that you probably won’t do this, but products containing oils and just general rubbing of the eyes cause the lashes to fall out more easily and pull your natural lashes out in the process! If you are going to wear eye-make up try using non-oil based products and apply them to end just above your lash line so you don’t have to touch the lashes when removing them- cotton buds work wonders! The use of Mascara is unforgivable, why spend your hard earned cash on a set of lavish Boudoir Lashes to ruin them with it?!  A BIG no no! SLEEPING If you sleep on your side you may notice that the lashes fall out of that particular side much quicker- this is natural and happens to everyone. If you’re becoming a lash addict, try to teach yourself to sleep on your back- if your partner complains this makes you snore, tell them they can pay for your infills to be done more frequently! DO NOT PULL YOUR EYELASHES OUT!!! This is possibly the most vital piece of aftercare. Not only is this a painful ordeal, but you will also be pulling your natural lashes out before they naturally fall, leaving you with bald patches, not even infills can solve that issue! REMOVING YOUR EYE MAKE-UP Despite the fact we are opposed to wearing eye make with your Boudoir Lashes, we know everyone has a lil rebellious streak. If you do wear eye make up remove it with Bioderma Sensibio Make-Up removing Micellar water- it’s gentle on your face and doesn’t leave an oily residue- meaning they’ll be less harmful to your lashes! The product has even been featured in Elle Magazine and recommended by the gorgeous Lara Stone! Buy a large bottle (500ml) for just £15.50 in the salon!