Please see our ‘Prep & Aftercare’ Page before booking to get the best possible results! Then simply: Book Here!

Lash Consultation £30.00 (30mins)

If you are unsure which style is best for you or you would just like some more information about Lash Extensions before your appointment we offer a lash consultation which includes a patch test. We take a £30.00 deposit in advance, which can then be redeemed against the cost of your chosen lash appointment if booked on the same day (T&C’s* apply). *Please note: Lash Consultations are not available to book in Peak Times (Evenings from 4pm and Weekends) and can only be redeemed against Off-Peak Lash Appointments (Tuesday-Fridays 10am-4pm).

Classic Lashes

Classic Lash Extensions are using the singular technique, we apply one lash per your natural lash to give a defined but natural effect. We tailor all of our lash treatments to each person in regards to their eye shape, natural lash length and thickness. Classic Lash styles range from a Natural effect to Super full- see below for more details.

Mascara Effect £75.00 (60mins)

This is our most natural style lash and one of our most popular. We accentuate and tailor the lashes to make sure they are only slightly longer than your natural length. Your eyes still look natural but with a noticeable difference,  you’ll leave people guessing if they’re natural!

Volume Effect Classic Lashes £95.00 (90mins)

If you want slightly more oomph than a natural look this option is the one for you. We apply the lashes to make your eyes look more defined with a thicker effect, but still not over-the-top! They’re ideal to transition from day to night-time without the need of ruining your perfectly applied make up by performing the daunting task of applying strip lashes!

Super Full Classic Lashes £135.00 (120mins)

These lashes are for the ultra Diva’s who want that super volume lash look everyday! We apply the lashes to create extra volume and some extra length for a full look! Don’t stress, we NEVER make your lashes look clumpy, or overly false -we take extra time to apply each lash carefully and in correct placement along the lash line.

Russian Volume Lashes

Russian Volume lashes are much thinner and lighter on your eyes, a fan is created using 3 Russian style lashes and then placed on a singular natural lash. Russian Volume Lashes give a beautifully textured effect with subtle volume. Available in variety of lengths to suit each individual persons eye shape. Top tip- Russian Volume tend to last longer as they are lighter in weight on your natural lash, causing your lashes natural cycle to continue as normal. 

Russian Volume Full Set £150.00 (120 mins)

A really full and textured set of bespoke Lash Extensions, despite the fullness of the lashes your eyes will not feel heavy!

Russian Volume Half Set £115.00 (75mins)

A lighter effect Russian Volume Lash, we don’t place lashes on each of your natural lashes and instead give you a subtle feathery look!


Infills can be booked for up to 4 weeks after your previous appointment. The longer you wait in-between your appointments the more lashes will have fallen out and therefore the longer the appointment you will need in order to return them to their full potential!

Classic Lashes

1 Week Infills £35.00 (30 mins) 2 Week Infills £65.00 (60 mins) 3 Week Infills £75.00 (75 mins) 4 Week Infills £95.00 (90 mins)

Russian Volume

2 Week Infills £70.00 (60 mins) 3 Week Infills £85.00 (75 mins) 4 Week Infills £115.00 (90 mins)

Hybrid Sets

Can’t decide between a set of Classic Lashes or Russian Volume? We can offer you a bespoke Hybrid set, we can mix up the defined classic look and add a sprinkling to feathery Russian texture to give you a purely unique look! Hybrid Lashes £135.00 (120 mins) Hybrid Lash 3 Week Infills £75.00 (60 mins)


Bridal Lashes £175.00 (135 mins)

We only want you to have the best lashes for your special day! Usually this option is a Extra Full set of Russian Volume Lashes, however they can be tailored to suit your vision of your big day! The cost of this treatment includes a Consultation on the day also for us to understand exactly you are looking to achieve with your lashes.

Quick Fix Lashes £45.00 (30 mins)

Have you had your lashes applied elsewhere and aren’t happy?! We can offer you a 30 minutes rescue appointment to save you! Depending on the quality of the lashes we may advise you to have them soaked off completely and reapplied. We will be completely honest to you!

Lash Extension Removal £25.00 (30 mins)

There comes a time when you lash addicts have to go cold-turkey to give your lashes a break every now and then, we will be here to support you during this difficult time! We gently soak off the lashes so not to damage any of your natural lashes underneath, do not pick your lashes off yourself and give yourself bald patches, it’s not a good look!

Lash Lift £55.00 (60 mins)

If lash extensions aren’t your cup of tea, fear not, we have something for you! Lash Lift’s are your natural lashes- but better! We lift the lashes using a perm and set style treatment to curl your lashes creating a more defined and lengthened appearance. This treatment is great if you have naturally long but straight lashes, so you can say bye bye to that dreaded eye lash curler! Results last for up to 8 weeks and only because your natural lashes follow a shedding cycle of this time period. If you want even more oomph opt for the ‘Lash Lift and Tint’ to completely ditch the mascara!

Lash Lift & Tint £65.00 (75 mins)

The same ‘Prep’ and 24 hour’s aftercare still apply to this treatment but with none of the hassle of infills! See our Prep & Aftercare page for all the info!